Pack program

Tech Packs: Hardware and/or software that allows participants to be able to take part in web-based activities. Activities consisting of social media socialization, education, career/business training etc.

Apparel Pack: It is no secret that the greatest form of expression and the greatest builder of self-confidence and self-esteem is one’s appearance. This program allows for the access and use of financial vouchers for the purchasing of apparel/clothing or footwear, for the building of self-esteem and appearance of those who are disadvantaged or disabled.


Community Outreach

Advocacy and Community Awareness: With this initiative, we hope to gather the community and activists alike to an uplifting and informative setting. With our fundraising events, educational seminars and community engagement, we hope to raise awareness and be an intricate part of our community.

Information Database: We are seeking to partner with some of the leading organizations to produce an informative network database of information (educational, business, family, love and much more), to help those living with disabilities and the economically disadvantaged.