Vision Statement

It’s not hard to imagine what life would be like without electronics in today’s society, but try to imagine for a moment, not just not having access to the electronics, but also not having access to normal body functionality. There are many smart, talented and motivated people in the disabled community who feel left out and alone because of their physical inability to participate in many activities. But what we have all experienced directly or indirectly at one point or another, with the integration of electronics and technology in our everyday life, just how much your world can be completely opened up and transformed because of it.

The solution

This organization will be built on the premise of connecting those with questions to the information and resources easily and accessibly. To start answering the all-important question of HOW. Accomplishing this while also promoting the vitality, empowerment and social skills needed to reincorporate one back into the world after trials and tribulation, this will be accomplished with fundraisers, outings, events, educational seminars and providing electronic apparatus (computers/laptops, cell phones, software), and apparel (business, casual).

Our long-term goal is to expand on the opportunities for participation, education, employment and acceptance of persons with disabilities. We are seeking to provide persons with disabilities with resources, information and advocacy, offering them new opportunities in overcoming barriers and hardships in their professional life.The House of Wheels Foundation will work for people with disabilities to live as independently as possible and feel a part of their community. Empowering anyone working age with a disability to achieve their highest level of achievement, independence and social activities. Advocating for system changes that result in inclusion, integration, equality and the ability to choose.