Sneaker Show: This event brings together the young hip demographic of those living with disabilities. Just because you have a disability doesn’t mean you can’t feel included, pretty or cool. This event seeks to incorporate the sneaker collector and fashionista personalities of those attending, whether disadvantaged, disabled or perfectly healthy. This event has shoe vendors from the local area, fashion boutiques and artists, music artists and many more individuals from a broad range of categories. This event is meant to leave an everlasting impression on those who are disabled or disadvantaged to feel that they too can also still be cool and beautiful no matter what situation they’re in.


Miami skyline formal
Moonlight Movie Night: Enjoy hit movies under the stars and full moon. There’s nothing more beautiful than a cloudless open sky night under the stars and a formal, what can make it even better is enjoying a great movie with family and friends. This event seeks to incorporate an inclusive environment for those disadvantaged and disabled.


fireworks event picture
July 4 Bash: Come out and celebrate America’s independence, with beautiful colors of display using fireworks, and an Carnival -like environment.


roll on picture
Roll on Walk: This walk seeks to raise awareness and preventive tactics for those with disabilities.